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Get more growth from every store.

The secret to building maximum profits from every store is stocking your stores with fresh, sought-after merchandise—goods that sell quickly and feed your till in torrents, not trickles.

Whether your business consists of one store or hundreds, RMSA turns your point-of-sale data into actionable recommendations. With dynamic, bottom-up planning, you’re setting up every product classification in every store as an individual profit center.


Three steps to success


Discover the best path to maximize growth and profits.
We learn all about your business, including what makes each store “tick.” Then we extract existing POS data for each store to create your customized path to greater profitability.


Learn about RMSA's retail planning and forecasting system, Fresco.
We use sophisticated algorithms in our software to create a 12-month plan for each product class in each store. Goodbye, overbuys—now you have a monthly roadmap to profits!


RMSA advisors provide analysis and turn data into merchandise action plans.
Every month, you’ll get a refreshed merchandise action plan. You’ll have new open-to-buy data to fine-tune store inventories. And if you need guidance, you can call on your expert RMSA retail analyst for help.

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Find out how your stores can become more profitable.