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RMSA: your fast track to growth.

Make RMSA your primary defense against the major mistakes that kill stores: over-buying and under-buying. With the right tools and expert advice, your inventory will be concentrated on the hottest product classifications.

RMSA's sole mission is to help your company grow. We structure a solution tailored to each store's unique traits and point-of-sale data. Every month, you get updated merchandise action plans for every store. At any time, you can schedule analytical discussions with your RMSA retail analyst. With meticulous planning, guidance on specific actions to take, and constant support from your RMSA team, your inventory dollars will flow almost automatically to the hot products.

Remember, with RMSA, you're getting much more than the meager reporting modules of POS systems. You're getting 24/7 access to unique insights into each store's profit drivers.

Best of all, RMSA gets you up and running quickly—and there's no hardware or software you need to acquire and maintain.

Discover the best path to profits


The foundation for turning your data into dollars

Every retailer is unique—and so is every store. That's why we strive to learn everything that's unique about your business.

The Discover step is where you and RMSA align resources to get each store on the best path to maximum growth and profits. RMSA experts who know your retail sector will start by learning all about your business—your brand, your markets, your customer profiles, and the product classifications you sell in your stores.

Next, we'll collect actual sales, buying and inventory information for each store from your point-of-sale system. We'll soon know all about each store's sales pattern, seasonality, turnover potential, optimum flow of receipts, and the best timing for inventory deliveries.

Without any effort by your staff, we continue to gather POS information monthly. We verify all data we collect before generating reports with our software. This sets the stage for giving you any-time access to the vital outputs you need to run your business:

In short, the Discover step builds the foundation for maximum profits on three cornerstones:

Plan for profits


Your monthly roadmap to profits

Every month, the information we collect from your stores' POS systems is verified and processed in Fresco, RMSA's retail planning and forecasting system.

Fresco's advanced, proprietary algorithms use a bottom-up approach to generate dynamic forecasts for sales, inventories, recommended markdowns, and receipts. The forecasts are based on the inputs we collected in the Discover step:

What does RMSA's forecasting achieve for the retailer? You can expect these benefits:

Analyze your retail data


Turning numbers into actions

Your RMSA solution is not just another report generator that hooks into POS systems. It's a comprehensive retail success program we've proven through decades of applying data analytics to the roller-coaster business of retailing.

Your forecasts are continuously refreshed based on new monthly updates from your stores' POS systems. But RMSA delivers much more than Fresco's razor-sharp forecasts. Here are three more keys we provide for your success:

We won't bury you in mind-numbing data. Rather, we're totally focused on providing you merchandise action plans—so you can make timely decisions that grow your sales and profits.

With RMSA's approach to planning and analytics, you'll finally get smart answers to the toughest questions every retailer faces, such as: What are the POS numbers telling me? Why aren't we making more money? Is inventory too high or too low? Are markdowns needed? Is turnover high enough to ensure profitability? What are the key trends?

RMSA is one of the most important tools that I use in my operation. The success my fashion stores have had over the years can be directly attributed to RMSA and the information they provide us. If you are looking to run a profitable merchandising concession, then RMSA is your first step

I would highly recommend RMSA to retail owners. Their services have helped me control inventories, take fewer markdowns, increase my turnover, and improve cash flow and profits.

The most valuable thing RMSA gives me is an accurate, unbiased, and objective look at my inventory, which drives my profitability. During our tenure with RMSA, we’ve been able to reduce our on hand inventory, increase our turn and at the same time, increase our volume. We rely on their objectivity to enhance our strategic planning for our continued growth and development.

RMSA has helped me tremendously in managing my inventory and cash flow . . . without their support and guidance I probably would not be in business today

Good eye for style, great customer service. All good things. Add the one thing that may be missing from your business. A clear concise look at your actual numbers. Every good retailer can become better with RMSA

The data and the analysis of that data that we get from RMSA keeps us focused on the important things: inventory planning, forecasting, turnover, inventory levels, markdown strategies, and cash planning.

The results have far exceeded our expectations. Inventory is down, profits up, cash flow is the best it has ever been and we are in one of the most challenging markets there is. The only regret we have is that we did not start the relationship twenty years ago.

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